ISVS VI, North Cyprus

ISVS-6, the sixth International Seminar on Vernacular Settlements was held from 19th-21st April 2012, under the guidance of Prof. Hifsiye Pulhan at eastern Mediterranean University, Cyprus on the theme ‘Contemporary Vernaculars, Places, Processes and Manifestations’. This was a tremendously successful event that brought keynote speakers across disciplinary boundaries. The keynote speakers, Prof. Nabeel Hamdi, Prof. Howard Davis, Prof. Suha Ozkan, Prof. Marcel Vellinga and Prof. Atilla brought links between the traditional settlements of the past and the squatter settlements of the contemporary societies. In the lead up to the seminar, the two terms, ‘historical vernacular’ and ‘contemporary vernacular’ were coined to identify these two situations which had remained hitherto somewhat disconnected. Altogether 105 papers were presented, representing 22 countries.