ISVS IV, Ahmedabad

ISVS-4, the fourth International Seminar on Vernacular Settlements was held from 14th-17th February 2008 under the guidance of Prof. Miki Desai and Pratyush Shankar at CEPT university, India on the theme ‘Vernacular Settlements and Architecture in Transition’. This was a momentous event for ISVS because for the first time, it moved out of Indonesia, and then the ISVS secretariat was established after this event. Pratyush Shankar of CEPT university, India, undertook the great responsibility of steering the ISVS movement as its founding secretary. ISVS-4 was also notable for the organisation of a students’ workshop held in parallel which was considered a hugely popular and successful event. With ISVS-4, a truly international movement took off.